About us

Welcome to tricksarena.in– A Blog that is Dedicated to Helping People Learn About Technology.

My Name is Shubham Kumar And I’m  a Full Time Blogger Making A Living From This New And Dynamic Medium From Blog Like tricksarena.in,

I’m Also an Ethical Hacker, And i Like Helping People…

from hobby to profession–

Back in 2014, I Side-slip Upon An Article About “Blogging” 

I Didn’t Know it at the Time But That Moment Changed My Life.

I Know That Statements Like That Belongs on Those Inferior,

But It is Damn True.

Within 2 Days of Reading the Articles, I Had Started My Own “Blog”

Where i Wrote About Technology, Tricks, Tips And So on,

As My Blog Have Grown in Popularity And Have Begun to Income Blogging Has Grown From A Hobby {Some Would Say An Obsession}, To a part Time Job to a Fully Fledged Business In Recent Moments… 🙂

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